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2.4 Use KeyPal to connect TokenPocket

After getting familiar with the hardware wallet, let's carry out a complete demonstration
2.4.1 Turn on the Bluetooth function of the KeyPal hardware wallet (as shown in the image below), and turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone to connect.
At the same time, open the TokenPocket App, find the KeyPal option and select it, prompting "start searching" hardware.
Attentions: When Bluetooth is not turned on or the connection fails, it will remind you as shown in the image below. If the connection fails, just check and repeat the above steps until the connection is successful.
If you did not purchase a hardware wallet, you can click [Purchase], or you can purchase through the following webs:
a.shopify store: ​
b. Official website:​
2.4.2 Check the interface on your APP and enter the "Searching" state. When the Bluetooth function of the hardware wallet is turned on, you can search for related devices (the hardware devices can be named independently, and you can find them in the settings of the device), click on the corresponding hardware device to proceed for pairing operation, enter the Bluetooth pairing request code to the App to pair, which pops up on the hardware device screen. After correct input, it will show successful pairing.
2.4.3 For security reasons, the device will perform security and anti-counterfeiting check with the App after the pairing is successful, which is a uniquely designed security function of KeyPal.
Attention: If the verification fails after the connection and the following prompt appears, the wallet you purchased may not be purchased through the official webs, and there has a security risk. It is not recommended to use further, and please purchase the product from the official channel
After completing the first connection, you need to pay attention to the following notes:
a.Set the PIN code. The PIN code is set by the user (6-8 digits) independently for security verification such as transaction confirmation/unlocking the device.
b. Create/import wallets. It is recommended to use hardware wallets to create new wallets in an offline statue, and record and back up the mnemonic phrases.
When importing the wallet, the KeyPal hardware wallet provides a convenient function, you only need to enter the first 4 letters to automatically associate and select the next letter.
After understanding the above notes, you can proceed to the next step.
2.4.4 Generate wallet (import wallet refer to point 3 above)
Select the corresponding chain and click [OK], you can generate a wallet with one click, and enter the wallet after completing the creation. You can manage the settings in the corresponding wallet, as well as the settings of the hardware wallet (add/delete/name/device information management, etc.)
2.4.5 PIN code verification
For the convenience of users, KeyPal adopts a unique design for PIN code verification. When the APP is connected to the hardware device, and the PIN code verification is required, the hardware device will show you nine numbers, which corresponds to the [*] symbol on the APP, and only needs to click on the APP side that the PIN codes location of the hardware device, and the verification can be successful.