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2.1 Create a new wallet

Guidelines for creating a new wallet by using KeyPal hardware wallet for the first time
(Create a new wallet means activate the device)
2.1 Before using the KeyPal hardware wallet to create a new wallet for the first time, please confirm the following contents repeatedly:
a. The mnemonic is the only proof of ownership of the blockchain asset and the only proof to restore the wallet;
b. The process of generating mnemonics must ensure that they are stored/transmitted/recorded in a non-networked environment and cannot be disclosed to third parties;
2.2 Create a new wallet: Click [confirm] to proceed to the next step, and then it will generate 12 mnemonic words for you.
When generating the mnemonic, please record it with pen and paper or cooperate with the KeyPal mnemonic secret box;
2.3 Check the mnemonics of the newly created wallet: Follow the on-screen prompting confidence, select the up/down button to view and recheck the mnemonic that has been recorded;
2.4 Randomly verify the mnemonics of the newly created wallet: Follow the instructions on the screen to verify the accuracy of the mnemonics displayed randomly;
2.5 Verification error reminder and verification success reminder: When the mnemonic verification is wrong, it will remind you and need you to verify the mnemonic display randomly again.
When the mnemonic verification is successful, a successful verification reminder will pop up.
(Attention: the device does not support exporting mnemonics, please make sure to back up the mnemonics accurately before generating the wallet)
Note: The mnemonic is the only proof of ownership of the blockchain asset and the only proof to restore the wallet, you to keep it safe and back up the mnemonic correctly. If you lost it, no one can help you to recover your assets.
In addition, in the process of recording and saving the mnemonic, do not store the mnemonics through the Internet (e.g., emails/shared connections/social media tools/mails, etc. that have the risk of exposing mnemonic words), and do not expose to third parties.
2.6 PIN code setting: The PIN code length requires 1-9 digits of random numbers, and it needs to be set twice.
Attention: The PIN code is a valid security confirmation code for the transfer within the power-on/standby time. The PIN code is set by the user and is the security code of the device. If the device is lost, the third party will reset the device if the wrong PIN code is entered for 9 times, all info of the device will be reset. So please make sure to save and record the PIN code you set.
(In addition, the users do not need to enter the PIN code to reset the device, only when they need to confirm the reset.)
2.7 Created wallet successfully: After completing the mnemonic generated (remind to accurately record and save the mnemonics), after the PIN code is correctly set and successfully verified, it will display that the wallet is being generated and the creation is successful.
Congratulations, you have created the blockchain wallet successfully.